Project Management

Project Management as Partial or Full Package

We lead your project efficiently in the domestic and international environment due to our long standing marketing, sales and project management experience and finish it to your fullest satisfaction – we understand your mindset.

We accompany your project domestically or globally. We handle partial or entire projects.

You may select from a variety of possible projects which you would like to assign to us.

Exhibitions execution from A to Z,

Events planning and transfer for customers and employees,

Emergency Response Planning build-up and running, training,

CI / CD building and implementation or update,

Communications and public relations planning and execution,

Website planning, transforming and keeping up-to-date,

Social media targeted use,

Collateral materials and adverts development and production / insertion,

Market research and market survey execution,

Multicultural teams leading globally,

Budget planning and complying,

Controlling and reporting.